Spicy Southern-Style” Seafood Supreme


* 2-21/2 lbs. combination of easy peel large shrimp, large sea scallops (cut in half), fresh P.E.I. mussels and a piece of firm fish. (Ask our Staff). (W)

* 1/4 cup combination of finely chopped fresh parsley and thyme (B)

* 2 heaping tablespoons of butter (B)

* 6 baby potatoes, 6 green onions, 4 garlic cloves and 4 stalks of celery roughly chopped(B)

* 2 cobs of corn cut in 6 pieces each

* 2 hot italian sausages cut and quick fried or boiled till cooked (B)

* Old Bay Spice, salt and pepper (Sprinkle GENEROUSLY with Old Bay Spice, your seafood will love it and so will you. (W)

* 4 ounces of white wine (BYOB)

* 1 loaf of crusty garlic bread (B)


  1. Combine all above in large deep pan. Cover with foil paper and make sure its a tight seal. Cook for 20 -25 minutes on med/hign heat on top rack of pre-heated BBQ. Once cooked open and discard any unopened mussels. Pour contents into large soup bowls and serve immediately.


OPTIONAL SIDES – Wild blended rice or mixed salad

SUBSTITUTES – Try the following subsitutes

Instead of Clams, next time try Mussels just for a change.