Fresh Fish

Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market carries a large variety of Fresh Fish. Our selections include Sushi Grade Boneless Fresh Atlantic Salmon caught off the coast of Canada, Fresh Wild Cod and Wild Haddock from the East Coast, Fresh Pickerel, Wild Sea Bass from the Southern Ocean, Fresh Arctic Char from Iceland, Fresh Cajun Catfish from New Orleans, Sushi Grade Tuna from Fiji, Fresh Tilapia from South America and much more. We ensure all fish is fresh and ready to be cooked to perfection! Also, ask us about our Ceviche, Salmon Pockets, Shrimp Rings, our Seafood Platter Rings, Smoked Salmon and Shish Kabobs!

  • rainbow-trout.jpg

    Rainbow Trout

    Fresh from Ontario waters

  • seabassrosoto

    Sea Bass

    Mouth watering, delicious!

  • fresh-atlantic-salmon2.jpg

    Atlantic Salmon

    Sushi Grade Boneless Fresh Canadian Atlantic

  • red-snapper.jpg

    Red Snapper

    From the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida

  • articchar

    Arctic Char

    Always Fresh from Iceland

  • kabobs-miso

    Prepared Kabobs

    Just how you like it!

  • fresh-tilapia2.jpg


    From South America

  • fresh-whole-fish.jpg

    Fresh Whole Fish

    Market  selection may vary

  • troutbaked


    Fresh from Ontario

  • atlantic-halibut.jpg

    Atlantic Halibut

    From the Coast of Canada

  • fresh-wild-cod2.jpg

    Wild Cod

    Fresh from the Atlantic Ocean

Fresh Seafood

Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market  has  the Freshest Seafood available! Whether you’re looking for Fresh Lucky Lime Oysters from Prince Edward Island or Black Tiger Shrimp, we have it in stock and ready to go! Other selections of Fresh Seafood include a variety of Oysters from the East Coast, Wild Sea Scallops from Prince Edward Island shores, Wild Pink Shrimp from Argentina, Wild Squid from the Indian Ocean, Fresh Mussels and Fresh Clams.

  • wild-pink-shrimp2.jpg

    Wild Pink Raw Shrimp

    From Argentina, 13-15 Shrimps per pound

  • wild-squid-tubes2.jpg

    Wild Squid Tubes

    Calamari, Whole and Cleaned

  • fresh-clams.jpg

    Fresh Clams

    Caught on the shorelines

  • mussels-and-scallops

    Mussels and Scallops

    Succulent from beginning to end

  • crab-legs.jpg

    King Crab Legs

    From Alaskan waters

  • clamsoysters


    From the boat to your mouth

  • black-tiger-shrimp-large2.jpg

    Black Tiger Shrimp – Large

    13/15 per lb from Vietnam

  • scallopsgrill


    Thick and Juicy!

  • malpeque-oyster.jpg

    Malpeque Oyster

    Fresh from East Coast of Canada, Lucky Lime, Green Gabbles and Beausoleil and more.

  • platterdoysters

    Lucky Lime Oysters

    Plated and Ready to be Slurped!

  • super-dry-wild-sea-scallops2.jpg

    Super Dry Wild Sea Scallops

    From Atlantic waters, 8 - 10  Scallops per pound

  • clampasta

    Clam Pasta

    Perfect for your pasta!


Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market carries a large assortment of products to compliment your next cooking experience. We are constantly bringing in new varieties of sauces, jellies, hot sauces and chutneys. We have a selection of international gourmet pastas, wild rices and sushi rices to suit your cooking needs. A lot of our products are non-GMO and gluten-fee.

  • products-specialtysauces.jpg

    Specialty Sauces

    Sesame Ginger Teriyaki, Roasted Peach Whiskey, Roasted Garlic Peaunut

  • products-mustards.jpg


    Dijon, Wholegrain, Garlic & Parsley

  • products-jelly-horseradish.jpg

    Horseradish & Jelly

    Jalapeno Horseradish, Antipasto, Cranberry Garlic Jelly

  • products-oystersauce.jpg

    Oyster Sauce

    Authentic Chinese

  • products-pastas.jpg


    Livera, Various selection

  • products-quinoacouscous.jpg

    Quinoa & Taboule & Couscous

    A variety of selections for your needs

  • products-reneessaladdressing.jpg

    Salad Dressings

    Asian Sesame, Sweet Onion, Sherry Herb

  • products-chutney.jpg


    Tomato & Chilli, Hot Mango, Papaya & Raisin

  • products-oils.jpg


    Flaxseed, Hempseed, Extra Virgin Olive

  • products-hotsauces.jpg

    Hot Sauce

    Boyo's Hot Sauce, Hot Pepper Sauce, Tobasco

  • products-rices.jpg


    Arborio, Arborio Blend, Sushi

  • products-marinades.jpg


    Teriyaki, Ginger Teriyaki, Lemon Butter Dill



“Ragu” Style Spaghettini In A Red Clam Sauce


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Crushed Garlic & Lemon Salmon


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BBQ Shrimp Kebabs “Easy & Super Good”


* One pound of large shrimp (W) * 3 finely crushed cloves of garlic (B) * 1/2 cup o...

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Garlic Lovers Linguine In A White Clam Sauce


* 10 -12 Littleneck Clams (W) * Can of Baby Clams (B) * 3 finely chopped cloves of ...

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Spicy Southern-Style” Seafood Supreme

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Just “Blueberry-Licious” Old Bay Salmon

Ingredients * 1 Lb of fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets (W) * 2-3 crushed cloves of garlic (B) * 2 sprigs ...

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Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market was established with the goal of providing customers with quality service, a warm traditional market environment and an extensive line of the freshest fish and seafood available. We work hard to source and bring assortments of fresh, frozen fish and seafood products.   We offer a unique variety groceries, seasonings and specialty items.   Our staff is  knowledgeable and committed to serving the Greater Toronto Area.

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Our Clients

Eden Trattoria   It is a relaxed Italian place with outdoor seats & an airy interior serving pasta, pizza & weekend brunch.

The Pump House Grille Co.  It is a stylish spot for huge servings of American fare & seafood dishes, plus local beers.


Oyster Shucking

Feel free to ask us about our Oyster Shucking service.  We offer a personal shucker for your next event or order pre-shucked Oysters. Either choice is perfect for your next event or party!